Money lending 


Noble Century provides loan financing to customers with good quality in Hong Kong.


Finance leasing

  Noble Century is committed to provide customers with customized, one-stop financial solutions through financial leasing in the People’s Republic China.  


  Noble Century has engaged in methanol trading and is seeking opportunities to expand the sources of income from the trading business.  

Vessel Chartering 



  The Group provides marine transportation services by way of Vessel Bao Xin, a general cargo shipBao Xin serving Mainland China and Southeast Asia customers from a range of industries, including cereals, grains, coal iron ore, mill scale and cement. A summary of voyages undertaken by vessel Bao Xin is set out as below.  
Dimensions of Bao Xin
Vessel Name/ Call Sign Bao Xin
Type: General Cargo Ship
Flag/ Port of Registry Panama
Offical No/ Call Sign 3ESF3
GRT/ NRT 9,103 tons
Suez GRT/ NRT 17,348 tons
Deadweight/ Displacement 30,297.20 tons
Built/ Rebuit 1984, Japan
Principal Dimensions  
Length O.A./ L.B.P: 174 M
Breadth (mld): 24.40 M
Depth (mld) / Draft (mld): 14.35 M
Submerged Draft 10.874 M
Machinery Data  
Main Engine: 1 x Mitsui B &W 6L60MCE 6,950 KW @ MCR 9,450 x 106 RPM, NOR 8,500 x 102 RPM
Speed: 15 knots
Fuel Consump.: 22 tons @ 15 knots
Crane/ Lifting Equipment 1 x 4X15MT
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