2013 Vessel Asian Atlas was disposed through the disposal of a subsidiary, Asian Atlas Limited. At the same time on the disposal of Vessel Asian Atlas, the Group acquired another vessel, namely Vessel Bao Xin as a replacement.


Noble Century Investment Holdings Limited disposed of subsidiaries engaged in foundation works and trading of machinery and equipment to concentrate its business in heavy marine transportation.


To extend its businesses into the heavy marine transportation industry, the Group acquired a semi-submersible heavy-lift type transport vessel in February 2005.



Noble Century Investment Holdings Limited was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April 2003 (Stock code: 2322).

Sam Woo Bore Pile Foundation Limited became an Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works, under Group II of “Landing Piling” category in July 2003.


Sam Woo Bore Piling Foundation Limited listed as a Piling Contractor under Large Diameter Bored Piling Category at the Housing Authority in April 2002. 


Sam Woo Bore Pile Foundation Limited became a Registered Specialist Contractor in June 2000.


In order to keep pace with the rapid growth in the construction industry in Hong Kong, the Group began to develop its business in the foundation industry.  Sam Woo Bore Pile Foundation Limited was established to undertake land and marine piling works.


The Group started to expand its business to the trading and leasing of construction machinery and equipment for land bored piling and marine bored piling works.

In 1980s, continued the business in trading and hiring of vessels and machinery and performing marine works.


Mr. LAU Chun Ming started his business with Sam Woo Engineering Works, and initially engaged in the trading of vessels and their spare parts and equipment business and subsequently in the ship repair and maintenance business.

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