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About the Group


Noble Century Investment Holdings Limited was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 9 April 2003 (Stock code: 2322). Noble Century’s core businesses span over vessel chartering, trading, finance leasing and money lending.

Vessel Chartering

Noble Century’s vessel Bao Xin is a general cargo ship that principally used for transporting of unpacked cargo and commodities such as cereals, grains, coal iron ore, mill scale and cement etc.


Noble Century has engaged in methanol trading and is seeking opportunities to expand the sources of income from the trading business.

Finance leasing

Noble Century is committed to provide customers with customized, one-stop financial solutions through financial leasing in the People’s Republic China.

Money lending

Noble Century provides loan financing to customers with good quality in Hong Kong.

In future, the Group will continue to explore opportunities to enhance its capacity in the businesses.


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